Metropolitano Stadium ticket categories

The Metropolitano Stadium is a new football stadium in Madrid. It was inaugurated in 2017 and is the home ground of Atlético de Madrid football team. The Metropolitano stadium has a seating capacity of 67,829 spectators.

Metropolitano Stadium seating categories

Upper Level 3

The Upper Level 3 category, as its name suggests, is located at the very top of the upper section. The good thing, in our opinion, is that the seats in this category are located on the lateral side of the pitch (Lateral Oeste). It should offer a good overall view. Blocks 500 to 512.

Upper Level 2

The upper Level 2 corresponds to the 4th tier of seats. This category goes all around the stadium and includes all blocks from 400 to 438.

Upper level 1

This category corresponds to the 3rd tier of seats. It is right below the Upper Level 2. The Upper Level 1 category includes all blocks from 300 to 338.


The Medium Category is located behind each goal, on the 2nd tier. This category includes blocks 213 to 223 and 229 to 239.


The Lower section is right in the thick of the action. If you want to get a chance to see the players from up close, this is where you want to be seating when you come to the Metropolitano Stadium.

VIP Categories

The Metropolitano includes various VIP Options. A consequent number of luxurious VIP lounges, boxes and Suites, all including catering and hostess service.

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